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With all this glorious weather we are having and the long break between workshop 2 and 3 we thought it might be worth starting to share some thoughts on books we have been reading.  Let the discussion begin….



  nbaranowski wrote @

I have just finished readong “Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth? by Simms and Smith. Absolutely fantastic book with some really interesting thoughts on where the world is and where it needs to be. It follows very well some of the discussions from WS2 and New Econmics.

I have also just finished today “Limits to Growth – the 30 yr Update” which I found pretty depressing – but ever the optimist I think there is hope out there. We just need to act now!.

Interestingly conclusions come out of both these books seems to me that we need to go back to a world based on good old fashioned British principles with a bit of hippy love and facebook to share the world evenly and begin to live with the living world and not on it.

  rickwilsontg wrote @

Hello Nathan
Inspired by Chris’s lead I am currently reading Forrest Gardening by Robert A de J Hart – brilliant.
I also have the Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins on the go as I am currently getting more involved in Transition Town Llandeilo.
Cheers Rick

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