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Podcasts for everybody

On this page it might be worth giving some explanation of Podcasts, where to find one and how to use them.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is simply a sound file you can down load over the Internet, it is usually an MP3 because they are small in size for the amount of content you can have for your megabyte.

To prove it have a listen to my very simple podcast I just made.

If this audio player does not work with your browser please follow this link My very simple podcast

Where can you get access to podcasts?

I think the easiest place to reliably get podcasts is through iTunes, although

You don’t need to have an iPod to use iTunes on your computer. You can download iTunes here


Alternatively iPodder and Doppler are also supposed to be good also.

Having downloaded iTunes go to the iTunes store ‘Store’ menu and select ‘Home’. The iTunes store home page will open.

In the top menu on the left hand side of the Store you will see Podcasts (6 buttons down).

You can then see the second menu down on the left hand side you will see a ‘Catagories’ menu, and a ‘Featured Providers’ third down. These will enable you to select a great range of material.

Pick one you like and then click the ‘Subscribe’ button.

If you look at the iTunes menu on the far left of the screen, you will see that there is a Podcast menu in the Library area. Click on this button and you will open your list of the Podcasts you have subscribed to.

Click on your chosen Podcast and it will play (in theory).

If you have a problem leave me a comment and I will try to help out.

If you have any recommendations for podcasts post them as a comment we can share them.

What Podcasts can you find on this site?

I will also post a links to Podcasts in 3 different ways in this site?

  • Link to a podcast on a publisher’s site where ever possible I will publish a link to the page where the podcast can be found. Most podcast publishers leave podcasts up on their site, this is great because back editions are always available.
  • A Podcast played on the using the wordpress audio player – some podcast publishers only leave the most recent podcast in the series on their site, this unfortunately includes the BBC. Thus if you miss it it’s gone. Where this happens I will download it and store it in my on-line file store, you can play it by clicking on the player button. I will also publish a link to the store as this can be a bit touchy with some browsers.
  • My sustainability podcast archive – I will place some of my sustainability podcast archive in my on-line file store. You can find it by clicking on these links: One Planet , You and Yours Environment, and Thinking Aloud. I will also add any other podcasts people post to the site.


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