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Archive for Year 2 Project Proposals

Jo Bailey – Year 2 Proposal

Here is Jo’s year 2 proposal

Jo has tagged it:

  • Education
  • Consumption
  • Young people
  • Sustainability

Jo Bailey’s Year 2 project


Lizzie Dekkers’ – Year 2 Proposal

Here is Lizzie Dekkers year 2 proposal

Lizzie has tagged it as:

  • Reciprocity
  • Community
  • Local Connections
  • Intergenerations

Lizzie Dekkers Year 2 Proposal

Liz Ainslie – Year 2 Proposal

Here is Liz’s Year 2 proposal

Liz has tagged it as:

  • Managing change
  • Environment Management systems
  • Systems change
  • Business

Liz’s Year 2 Proposal

Toni Ibrahim – Year 2 proposal

Here is Toni’s year 2 proposal:

Toni has tagged it as:

  • Work life balance
  • Enabling change
  • Making a difference

Toni’s Year 2 proposal

Year 2 Projects

Hello all

As we discussed we have started to post our Second Year project proposals.

We have 9 so far:

  • Matthew’s
  • Andrew’s
  • Sarah’s
  • Toni’s
  • Rick’s
  • Liz’s
  • Lizzie’s
  • Jo’s
  • Callie’s

Some people expressed a concern about publishing these on a public site like this. No problem if you want to restrict proposal content to course members only, they can be password protected with a list of passwords circulated by email.

You can find the published proposals by searching in the categories drop down box (2nd column from the right).

I have also set up a very simple tag cloud (it doesn’t look much like a cloud at the moment – too few proposals) so you can also search the proposals by tags. You can find this in the far right column.

It would be great to share the proposals, so please let me have them and I will get them up so we can share our ideas and work.

Rick Wilson – Year 2 Proposal

Here is Rick’s Proposal for a Collaborative Inquiry into sustainable models of Social Care.

Rick has tagged it as:

  • Social Care
  • Collaborative Inquiry
  • Co-production
  • Community

Rick’s Year 2 Proposal

Matthew Lake – Year 2 Proposal

Here is Matthew’s year 2 proposal ‘Promoting Good Business’.

Matthew has tagged it:

  • Business
  • Poverty
  • International NGO

Matthew’s Year 2 Proposal