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The New Politics of Climate Change

The Green Alliance the campaigning agency that have produced the excellent Green Standard Reviews about the UK political parties, have published The New Politics of Climate Change

Jonathon Porritt says;

  • The gap between the rhetoric on climate change (world class) and the programme of measures in place to address it (bog-standard) is still very large. So it was good to see the latest publication from the Green Alliance on The New Politics of Climate Change.

The Green Alliance suggest:

  • This pamphlet by Green Alliance director, Stephen Hale, outlines a new approach to persuading politicians to act on climate change. Only governments have the power to avert catastrophic climate change. But despite a plethora of initiatives and commitments from government, we are failing to make the progress we need. There is far more that they could and should do. But so far they have consistently failed to act at the necessary scale and speed.
  • The new politics of climate change examines the reasons why, and sets out a compelling new approach to secure this. Key to this is mobilising the broad range of organisations that make up the third sector. Climate change will have profound impacts on the concerns of organisations across the sector. There is a growing recognition of this, and an increasingly diverse movement pressing for change is emerging. But we must accelerate the growth of this movement if we are to achieve our long-term goals. Commitment and action across the third sector, from the local to the international level, is critical to securing the political action that is urgently needed to tackle climate change.

You can download a copy of the document by clicking on this The New Politics of climate change or from the Green Alliance site.


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