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BBC One Planet – Green Capitalism 30th October 2008

I heard this really interesting discussion on the BBC’s One Planet series. It is a particularly interesting debate about steady state vrs growth based global economic world views.

  • Environmentalists are arguing that the current economic turmoil shows that a new form of “green capitalism” is the answer not just to saving the financial system, but saving the planet.

  • In a special One Planet debate, Richard Hollingham discusses this idea with the Green MEP, Caroline Lucas; the economist, Peter Morici; and the psychologist, Oliver James.



  philip wrote @

I heard this program weeks ago and have been searching all over to find it to share with family/friends. The listening link here is broken, do you have another? or a transcript??


  rickwilsontg wrote @

Hello Philip

It is a shame the BBC don’t archive their podcasts on the BBC site.

The link is working for me it just takes a few seconds to buffer, however I can send you the podcast as an email attachment it is about 15 mb big.

Thanks Rick

  philip wrote @

Wow thanks a lot for getting back to me! I would really appreciate you sending the attachment. Please send to: philuptuous@gmail.com since it is big. Nice blog, btw.

Thanks so much. This was a really good discussion and it left me wishing they had more time to continue. I’ve been wanting to go back and hear it again since so much was said, and it needs to be shared with others.

– Philip

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