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One Planet – Farming in the City 24th July 2008

This is a link to the second programme from the BBC One Planet programmes about Farming in the City.

Andrew Luck-Baker investigates the pros and cons of urban farming in India.

Hyderabad is a city with a booming IT industry. Its streets are also home to thirty thousand buffalo – the animals behind the Indian city’s booming urban dairy businesses. But are the two compatible in a fast modernising city? And is re-using Hyderabad’s polluted waste water to grow vegetables good environmental practice – or a danger to consumers?



[…] Link to BBC Hyderabad podcast. […]

  gopalakrishnan wrote @

Greetings to you.
It is a good news to me.
I am an agri graduate running an agri business centre in Madurai,Tamilnadu,India for promoting Minor millets in Daily foods.
Give me good leads& iam promoting this concept whomsever i Met.
Very useful,Needy article. Regds G.K.Agri

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