Pods Blogs and Feeds for RBP

Welcome to the wonderful world of sustainability blogs, podcasts and feeds

Welcome to the noble RBP 12

Firstly apologies for cutting some of your heads off the header picture, I just couldn’t get all of you in!

Talking to some of you on module two, converstaion turned to pods, blogs and feeds and what the hell are they and where or where can they be found.

Well hopefully if we can get the hang of wordpress we can work together to answer these and other questions, and share some great sources at the same time.

The plan at this early stage is to do 2 things

  • Firstly to share some help about how to find and use podcasts, RSS feeds and useful blogs to the uninitiated, or warry!
  • Secondly to share podcasts, great info sources, and each others blogs if we have them (Pauline you definitely have one because you mentioned it in an email).

There is a introductory page about Podcasts called Podcasts for everybody.

There is also a page on RSS feeds called Feed me Semour no I couldn’t its called RSS feeds. You can you find some of my favourite sustainabilty feeds on the right of this page. Once people suggest some of theirs I will change them.

There is also a page about how you find videos Videos as well

You can find your way around either by clicking on the Catagories drop down list or by using the Search box, 2nd column from the right.

Any way there it is what do you think?

Let us know

  • What works
  • What could be better
  • And your ideas for content to put up on the site

Rick and Nathan



  Dawn wrote @

Rick, hi – great idea, thank you; it’s very helpful to have many of the items/links etc around the broad topic of “sustainability” posted and accessible in one place, and to have your guides to how to use things like RSS feeds.

It’s also handy to have the dates of articles, feeds etc, so recent things are easily identifiable before clicking through (unlike James Robertson’s website with his links to articles).

Not sure what’s meant to happen when I click on RSS feed – eg: I clicked on one for Forum for the Future and got a few pages of code that began with


And I clicked on the podcasts, and got the 5 (?) MP3 files that you uploaded, but it wasn’t immediately clear how to make them play. If that’s sounding unintelligent and unininitiated – and in public to boot! – then hands up…! I assumed I could just click on it to play it, like I do with voice and music files from my MP3 player that I’ve transferred to my laptop.

So thank you – I’ve respond publicly because when someone goes to the effort that you have, I think it’s good to have someone else take a look and feedback!

G’night, zzzzzzzzzzzz, Dawn.

  Andrew wrote @

Hi Rick – I’ve now had time to wander around your blogspodsetc and, to my utter amazement, managed to make it all work! Already some interesting stuff for us. Well done and thanks – I’m full of admiration. Will certainly be calling on you for help in setting up BoomerAct on the web.

Is it possible to have some subject index which would lead us to all the info you’ve identified on certain topics? A bit Google like I guess.

Best. Andrew

  mikelev wrote @

Very happy to find BBC’s One Planet – Urban farming 17th July 2008 on your site. The BBC does not seem to archive older shows. I’d really like to find the second urban farming show that aired July 24 about Hyderabad, India. Can you help? Many thanks. Mike

  rickwilsontg wrote @

Hello Mike
I have saved the 24th July One Planet to my One Planet archive http://www.musicwebtown.com/rickwilson/201859 it is the last podcast in the list number 35. If you can’t find it let me know and I will send you a copy.
Thanks Rick

  Rebecca wrote @

Hello Rick and Nathan:

Thanks for this resource! I just discovered it today.
I would like to submit my RSS as possible content to be considered as a valuable addition to your site. I produce a show for the internet, Cooking Up a Story ( http://cookingupastory.com ), part of the Local Food Sustainable Network, which strives to build audiences around the many important and interconnected issues that involve food and sustainability. We produce three shows about people, food, and sustainable living: Stories consists of documentary shorts about farmers, artisan producers, and others; FOOD NEWS features interviews with experts on the science, politics, and culture of food; and Cooking showcases food enthusiasts as they demonstrate how to prepare fresh seasonal dishes. We invite you to watch our shows on our Cooking Up A Story site and share our videos with your audience.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


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